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Article: Dried flowers - ideal for holiday apartments & Airbnb

Trockenblumen - Ideal für Ferienwohnungen & Airbnb

Dried flowers - ideal for holiday apartments & Airbnb

Here are five reasons why dried flowers are the ideal flowers for any vacation rental or Airbnb:

  1. Longevity: Dried flowers are durable and last much longer than fresh flowers. You can therefore enjoy them for much longer and do not have to replace them as often.

  2. Easy care: dried flowers do not require special care like fresh flowers. They do not require watering and are less sensitive to changes in temperature and light.

  3. Versatility: Dried flowers come in many different colors, shapes and sizes and can be adapted to suit any type of interior and any occasion.

  4. ECO-FRIENDLY: Unlike fresh flowers, which will wither after a few days and need to be thrown away, dried flowers can be stored and reused for a long time. This makes them a very sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

  5. Interesting Flowers: Dried flowers make it possible to experience interesting flowers that are sometimes not even available in the local area. This gives the holiday apartment or Airbnb a very special decorative touch.

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