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Dried flowers are real plants that are harvested at the moment they are in full bloom. They are gently dried or stabilized in a complex process and can therefore retain their natural beauty for many months.

Dried flowers are suitable for indoor use at room temperature and must not be watered or stored in a humid environment.

To preserve the color of the dried flowers, do not place the dried flowers in direct sunlight, as sunlight can cause the color of the flowers to fade. Place them away from heat sources such as radiators or fireplaces to avoid affecting the appearance of the flowers and the stability of the stems.

After a while, some dust can naturally settle on your flowers. To dust them off, simply use a feather duster or hairdryer carefully. When using a hairdryer, always keep at least one meter away from the flowers and only use the coolest setting.

Follow these simple care instructions and your dried flowers will have the best conditions to bring you and your surroundings a lot of joy for a long time.